Audible Graffiti – Episode 03

Episode 03 Audible Graffiti brings to the Bulldawg Nation a fresh injection of Tech-bashing, first with new contributor Rob Sherrell who brings us memories of the 1980 Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville and a 1991 Atlanta Braves pennant-race road trip to Cincinnati. Then we look back 35 years to that National Championship team of 1980 once again as Jeff talks with Georgia football great Chris Welton who shares some classic memories of Herschel, Lindsay, Scott, Rex and the legendary defensive coach Erk Russell and more from that magical year. And finally, Vince & Pulpwood check in again from parts unknown and look back on Georgia’s week one victory, the upcoming sans Uga visit to Nashville, Caitlyn Jenner (wha? yes, Caitlyn Jenner)… and lastly, with Nashville coming up this weekend, Jeff pries into their preference for partying when it comes to country music legends. It’s another can’t miss episode of Audible Graffiti.

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