Audible Graffiti – Episode 04

As our slogan goes, Episode 04 of Audible Graffiti features “rock stars and over-served Georgia fans” as Jeff first talks to longtime over-served Bulldog fan Bob Kenerly on his old-school escapades at Georgia from the 70s through the 90s and beyond, as well as a conversation with Georgia fan and rock star Peter Stroud – Sheryl Crow’s guitarist and all-around chilly guy with a star-studded resume sure to impress any Dawg fan.  And never to be outdone, Vince & Pulpwood are back along with Al from Phenix City weighing in on everything from the Evil Genius to Megyn Kelly, and from Hillary and the Donald to Willy Wonka – and you won’t believe what they say. Your choice is clear – either buckle your seatbelt, or if it hurts to laugh… RUN!

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