Audible Graffiti – Episode 09

Pure Gold!  Almost all of our favorite sit-coms through the years eventually had a “Best Of” episode and with Georgia’s off weekend, we thought of doing our own – literally a greatest hits of the first 8 episodes of Audible Graffiti with new commentary to add a little perspective on each story.  Little did we know this would take even longer than just producing a brand new episode. So its release is a little tardy, but here it is – and we think you will find that it’s a nice look back OR it’s a perfect first time episode for new listeners. Whatever it is, we hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoy making it. So until next week’s new episode… here’s to looking back on a few of our solid gold hits!

Including clips from Kevin Butler, Chris Welton, David Greene, Peter Stroud, Robby Kirk, Rob Sherrell, Bob Kenerly and of course Vince & Pulpwood!

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